Friday, June 15, 2007

Ahhh, Vacation!

Well we went to 2 places this past week.

Last weekend was Michigans Adventure, and the past few days we went camping to Forester Park.

Michigans Adventure was very nice. Cept they dont sell alcohol. I think I could have handled the whininess and people and constant pissing of my 2 year old a lot better had I a drinkie or 2. The rides were cool, I like the water rides particularly and the prices were half that of Cedar Point. AND the drive was half that of Cedar Point...Let me tell you by the time we got home a 3 and a half hour ride was about all we could handle with a 2 year old and a 7 year old constantly pinching or tickling or jabbing each other...

Camping was great...then again same pissiness. Yes we cooked and ate our meals in the great outdoors, drank coffeground laden coffee, washed mostly with baby wipes, had a critter eat ALL of our food on the first night, and all 4 of us slept on a full size air mattress....FUN, if you look at it that way. By the second day I was pretty much done, I can only take so much. Erin and I bonded on a nature hike in the woods though, and I realized that no matter how dirty my little one is she is still incredibly beautiful. And quite funny she was so tired one day that when Busters parents came to see us at camp she was sitting between them on the picnic table and out of sheer tiredness she keeled over backward onto the ground...too cute!

Well I better get going I have a lot of unpacking and cleaning to do and my laundry is now a week and a half behind..were running out of towels and underwear, that is NOT a good thing! We may have to declare a state of emergency within the household...oh yeah and my Pastor wants me to sing again on Sunday night and that leaves little time for me to practice...OH wish me luck on That!!

Til next time...take care of yourselves....and each other ;-)