Friday, May 11, 2007

Memoirs of a Field Trip Chaperone

Yesterday I went with my kid and the whole second grade to The Octagon Barn in Gagetown. Another parent and I rode together. These 3 were the kids I were to watch for the day to make sure they didnt feed each other to the pigs, or have a limb chopped off by leaning over the rails on the hayride, or having a hand removed by a bean sorter. All of which were close calls let me tell ya! Phew I had my hands full...the boy has ADHD and some other hyperactive disorder and I swear to God he thinks about 100 different things at the same time...he came like 3 inces from falling 12 feet down in the barn! He wasnt supposed to be in my group..I just kind of adopted him because when they assigned groups he was put in his own with a Special Ed teacher. To which he did NOT like well. He actually threw a fit til I told him he could be in our group and he said the sweetest thing to me "Mrs. Jones..I like you, your nice....when you gonna come over and take me on that bike ride you promised?" He goes from pissing rotten angry to sweet in 0 to 10 seconds...Dont let the sweet look fool you!

The kids got to sit in an actual one room schoolhouse, learn how rope is made, learn how to use a corn shucking machine, you know stuff that will come in handy once their in college. But it was fun and interesting anyway...

Luckily I drove myself cause I guess on the busride back to the school someone puked on the bus! Go figure...dosent that ALWAYS happen? Then the poor kid gets dubbed as "Pukey" and "Upchuck" and other names all the way into high school. I guess her chance for running for Homecoming Queen just ended on 5-10-07...oh well, no wonder why when passing the school bus on my way back I noticed a peculiar thing. All the children were actually sitting in their seats with their little faces all pressed up against the windows looking so sad...I wondered WTH was up with that...til my kid informed me when she got home.

Well I gotta run got shit to prepare for for the Mothers Day Banquet tomorrow, I have to make dresses for a fashion show, and Im actually singing too..I will let you know how that ordeal turns out..wish me luck...

Till next time..dont do anything I wouldnt do, and if you do dont name it after me!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Sweet Torture, pulling me apart one hair at a time.

So much CRAP right now I may explode into a sloppy mess of internal organs and salsa...right here on my living room floor!

You may or may not know about the assload of shitmail I have been getting on myspace...52 last night, and already over 100 new friend requests and messages..not to mention that you have to delete all the krunk from your personal inbox also....damn....I might have to start a new account...

AND I never got to attempt my wheelie performance last night, sudden change of plans when Buster got home he decided to yank his gals from the fiery depths of our small home to take us to a peaceful, serene fishing hole...with LOTS of frogs, bullfrogs to be exact, in exsisitence. And my dumb ass didnt take a camera. DANG! there could have been a ton on nice pics on here today...

Speaking of today, BTW it is and will remain Thunderstormy all day and probably all night...poop.

AND Im a tad on the nervous side because Ourfriend Tom decided that he wanted to take BRB home for the night, see he only lives 3 miles from here. But it makes me nervous cause its mostly backroads...and I dont know if the ole Slut can handle all those rocks, pebbles, roadkill, beercans and other debris that my pop up out of nowhere in the middle of the night...Why? Do you ask did he want to take BRB last night? Well I will tell you because he thought it would be fun...
I asked him if it would be fun to have a size 7 and a half in his rear too...He said honestly.."well no" and I said "Good, cause if she dont come home the way she left here thats what'll happen" among other tortures I will not list here.

Sorry, call me overprotective, its just my nature. Maybe because I'm the eldest of Three half mexican children, or could be cause im a wife and mother of to one quartermexican children...dunno.

Could be that im just physco......nnaaaah!

Well take care...
Your Mexicanconnection
Buenos Dias y Adios Amigos!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Case Of Busters Missing Beard

Well..not really but the title sounded good right?

Well Buster shaved the other day, and I told him that evening that I missed his beard...To which he replied, "If you go look on the bathroom sink, you can probably still see half of it"


But true. Men...cant live with em, and you cant kill em. Wait. Oh forget it ;-)

Later Hos (Thanks to Jamie Dawn on the spelling of that one)

Monday, May 7, 2007

My Offspring...they are kind of cute huh?

Im glad I DIDNT eat them at birth!!! They come in kind of handy when I need a glass of pop or for some one to find the remote, or answer the know the same kinda shit we were all made to do when we were little...cept we didnt have remote controls for the television back then.

My new Ride!

Well I got a new bike...I guess you can say its not new, but it is to me. See My kid and I like to go for walks and usually she will ride her bike while I walk...but not until this weekend. My SIL gave me a bike she was going to put in her garage sale and Buster fixed its front tube yesterday and now Its GO TIME!! You Betchya!