Thursday, October 4, 2007

Moving On.

Just some random stuff here...

Dont want to overload you all with too much info as in the last post....

Ah lets see...

I have been cleaning and packing, and packing and cleaning.

Exciting I know, dont want to thrill you all too much.


My fingers are like moving superfast here I dunno why....

Since Im not smoking its like I cannot sit still....


My fingers are making up for some missed excercise right now...

They are extra super happy.

The only way to stop from wanting to smoke is

A. Wearing my nicotine patch

B. Not thinking about it.

C. Staying physically busy....



Spoke to my doctors receptionist today as I have not heard anything from them about the what have yous of my labwork from the surgery.

She said "Maybe you should come in so doc can explain it to you"

Told nice receptionist that I do not have insurance anymore, then she put me on hold....

Appears that the top part of the cone shaped piece they took out of me still shows low grade abnormal cells....which as Ive been reading left untreated can cause cancer.


I have to go in for another pap in 6 months.

In the mean time HMM is looking for health insurance.

Just in case.

Just in case I need major surgery.

Just in case I eventually have to get my whole hoo hoo removed.

Just in case this shit dosent go away.

Just in case I slip on one of Wee Ones soap slicks that she likes to create on the kitchen floor in the odd hours in the night when we are all asleep.


The neighbor lady had a garage sale today.

My eldest went shopping.

With all the pennies she found on the bottom of my purse...

Here is a list of what she purchased:

1. a change purse that reads "Girls Rule"
2. Hippie sunglasses
3. A stuffed hot pink octopus on LSD
4. A pin that reads "Happy Birthday Jesus" (she bought that for me :-)


But kids being kids I will let her be just that. I told her she got quite the deals...

being as she made 4 trips to my purse and 4 trips to neighborlady.


Well I cant leave food out of my post.

That would be so unlike me you all may worry if I have mono or somethin like my pal Flip Flop Goddess...

I made red beans and rice for dinner and pork chops on the grill.

Buster and I have yet to eat, Ive been busy with my insane cleaning and packing, and he has been moving odds and ends to the new place with this cronies.

Thats all for now peeps, I apologize if this was too much info.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Take this job and shove it!

The song has so much more than the meaning of not working at the crappy joint anymore.

It also relays the truth.

Yes HMM quit her job today.

Not that it was much of a job anyway.

I only made 3 dollars an hour for 3 hours a day 4 to 5 days a week....15 hours of HARD work for 45.00 per work....HARDLY worth it in my book...

Not to mention that Saturday I was the "pee-on"

I mean that in a literal sense.

The Manager on duty told me to check the mens room, then she left for the day. So in the crazy hustle there was a 2 minute time frame in which I did not have customers at my counter, I journeyed on over to the little boys room only to find.....

this is so disgusting.

I really debated on whether or not to even write about this...

But this was the last straw.

The Urinal was overflowing with Hot Stenchy bright yellow urine.....


Yuck! Barf! Gag!

I went to a different manager (remember the other one left), and I said these exact words..

"You want me to handle piss and then hand out food?!"

Normally I wouldnt swear while at work,

but desperate times call for desperate measures, she not only wanted me to mop the stuff up, but to PLUNGE the urinal as well....

Well, I dont like to admit it...But some of you may already know...HMM is more of a paper work office type girl...

Me and mops and pee pee dont mix well..

So I called the GM this morning and told her where the bear shit in the woods...

I said I was sorry but things just were not working out, told her about the mens room incident, which she already heard about...she pretty much said "whatever" and hung up...

Enough about that.


Ladies and Gentleman, children of all ages, elderly and Handicap too....

I give to you,

My beautiful twin neices, and an old broad (HMM me)!!

I went to their volley ball game Thursday night, on the way to Amish Country aka Brown City.

On the way to Amish country I took this picture for your viewing pleasure.

Notice to beautiful fall foliage....

Notice the cows in the background...betchya cant count em and tell me how many are there.

Well wait maybe you can iffen you double click.


Now for all of you who way that I make you hungry every post

(ahem ahem Neurotic 1)

just so you know that I made Hot Apple Crisp out of my orchard apples the other day and served it over French Vanilla Ice Cream....


thats all I have to say about that


Oh yeah, so I havent been on here much.

Been busy cleaning the new house and all, working a shitty job, and running a household here.

I know some of you may have panicked or wondered if the Wee One really did follow through and off me...

But nope Im still here.

And still missing 2 Bottles of Windex!! (I think this has Wee One wrote all over it)


Alright, so im thinking about a new business venture....

Go with me on this...

Ive done it before and actually made 3 to 5 hundred a month with very little effort...


Yup, im actually seriously considering starting up again...

It only cost 10 bucks to start up, plus its fun, plus you get everything at cost!!


Who's with me?


Im sitting in the middle of a crisis right now.

Michigans piss poor shoddy ass government is shut down as we speak....what this means is:

One State Trooper per county on patrol.

All Secretarty of State offices CLOSED.

NO lottery sales (dammit I was going to hit the big one tonight, my horoscope said so!)

Oh and a bunch of other crap that im too lazy to write about, if you wanna know more Google it under


I decided to quit smoking.

Im wearing a nicotine patch right now.


Show me some love here, this is going to be rough for a few days...

But I dont want my girls to smoke, so Im trying to set an example....PLUS

cervical diseases are brought on by smoking, plus it makes you stink, and stains your teeth etc etc.....


I feel the need to get a few strange things that happened off my mind before I close.

Wee One climbed in bed with us yesterday about 7ish, I was laying there smelling her three year old morning breath on my face, but thinking of how much my damn back hurt,

I mean it hurt like a mutha!

Without saying anything, all of a sudden I feel little hands on my back rubbing me!

Its like she read my mind THEN

I was dozing back off to see the sandman, but envisioning my eyes closed, and Wee One says out loud.."Mumma you got pweddy (pretty) eyes."

OMG another coincidence???

This is starting to get freaky...

THEN, on the way to church I was telling Buster we would have to make up our offerings and mission money as I had forgot the checkbook...ok.

While sitting in the pew at church Buster reaches in his dress pants and pulls out a crumpled amount of cash...EXACTLY the amount we give the church each week...

So you know I had to give the cash to the Lord...he was telling us to.

Thing is I washed those pants AND hung them on the clothseline at my Dads, one would think amid all the traveling those pants did the cash would have some how fell out at one point or time...

Oh the strangeness of things...

I gotta go now and get some shit cleaned up around here, do dishes vacuum and put laundry away before Gramps and Grannie bring Wee One home....

Til next time...

take in all the Fall foliage you can

encourage your friends and family to quit smoking!

Keep it real. Keep it clean.