Thursday, October 4, 2007

Moving On.

Just some random stuff here...

Dont want to overload you all with too much info as in the last post....

Ah lets see...

I have been cleaning and packing, and packing and cleaning.

Exciting I know, dont want to thrill you all too much.


My fingers are like moving superfast here I dunno why....

Since Im not smoking its like I cannot sit still....


My fingers are making up for some missed excercise right now...

They are extra super happy.

The only way to stop from wanting to smoke is

A. Wearing my nicotine patch

B. Not thinking about it.

C. Staying physically busy....



Spoke to my doctors receptionist today as I have not heard anything from them about the what have yous of my labwork from the surgery.

She said "Maybe you should come in so doc can explain it to you"

Told nice receptionist that I do not have insurance anymore, then she put me on hold....

Appears that the top part of the cone shaped piece they took out of me still shows low grade abnormal cells....which as Ive been reading left untreated can cause cancer.


I have to go in for another pap in 6 months.

In the mean time HMM is looking for health insurance.

Just in case.

Just in case I need major surgery.

Just in case I eventually have to get my whole hoo hoo removed.

Just in case this shit dosent go away.

Just in case I slip on one of Wee Ones soap slicks that she likes to create on the kitchen floor in the odd hours in the night when we are all asleep.


The neighbor lady had a garage sale today.

My eldest went shopping.

With all the pennies she found on the bottom of my purse...

Here is a list of what she purchased:

1. a change purse that reads "Girls Rule"
2. Hippie sunglasses
3. A stuffed hot pink octopus on LSD
4. A pin that reads "Happy Birthday Jesus" (she bought that for me :-)


But kids being kids I will let her be just that. I told her she got quite the deals...

being as she made 4 trips to my purse and 4 trips to neighborlady.


Well I cant leave food out of my post.

That would be so unlike me you all may worry if I have mono or somethin like my pal Flip Flop Goddess...

I made red beans and rice for dinner and pork chops on the grill.

Buster and I have yet to eat, Ive been busy with my insane cleaning and packing, and he has been moving odds and ends to the new place with this cronies.

Thats all for now peeps, I apologize if this was too much info.


Neurotic1 said...

Find yourself some insurance. I know it is much easier said than paid for but it is worth it!

When are ya moving?

I miss Thursday garage sales. Here they only do them on Saturdays until around noon! Buttholes!

JUST A MOM said...

ok so hang on here why do you not have health ins.? oh well you hang in there and it will not be too bad i betya she is just blonde and has not idea how to explane it to ya... ok my fingers are tired have a good nite

Halfmexican Mama said...

N1...We will be out of town and into the country on or around the 31st!!

Jaye..I had insurance through the state, but when Buster and I reconciled they took it away because of his income...thats michigan for ya!

Flip Flop Goddess said...

that sounds like some ritcheous shit that girl got at the yar sale.

Halfmexican Mama said...

FFG...she gets it from her momma...u know im a real bargain hunter...speaking of that someone is picking through the neighbor ladys garbage as we speak, I think her sale may have been a one day only moving sale...everyone is moving, gettin outta the ghetto you know.

Katie said...

Keep up the good no-smoking work! I say work, because it is. It's hard quitting.

patti_cake said...

I think you should have had the whole hoo hoo removed while you still had insurance (I know, hindsight is 20/20) but that's just me. Wishing you the best honey! Hugs!

icanseeclearlynow said...

isn't it cool having two little girls?! oh the fun girl things there are to buy on the cheap! when my girls were small we had so many things that said girl power and girls rule. oh you took me back with that change purchase your daughter snagged!

i'm praying for your good health. have you seen just this one doctor or did you see others?

rice and beans- yum!


Halfmexican Mama said...

Katie...yes it is DAMN hard. Did you quit too?

Patti..I tried to convince him to do just that but my insurance (when i had it) ONLY covered the surgery if all other treatments failed, this was my first treatment.Im done having kids so I wouldnt have minded one bit. Actually it would have given some peace of mind. But from all the research Ive been doing this is the #1 reason paps are abnormal and there are so many more suffering from this!

Maria....yes, I love my girls. They do make the cutest purchases when they frequent yard sales! Thanks for prayers, I only saw this doc cause he was the only one I could get into quick enough to get this far. Redbeans and rice are soo yummy we all love em except for wee one, which is strange cause she is usually not picky.

Sandi said...

Don't give up on the no-smoking thing. It's the best thing you can do for your future health and for your kids.

On another note, care to share your recipe for red beans and rice?!?!?

Halfmexican Mama said...

Sandi...thanks for your support! Recipe is as follows

1 box Zatarains Red beans and Rice
(by the rice a roni)

add water according to directions simmer 25 min...sometimes I might at a pound of browned groun beef!

Easy. Simple. YUMMY!

Shari said...

Wow, I guess we are really lucky here in Canada. We have free health care and insurance is an extra bonus, for prescriptions, glasses, physio etc.

I really, really hope that your next pap comes back normal.

As a retired RN, I congratulate you on quitting smoking. It is a really hard thing to do but the health benefits are enormous. Keep up the good work!

Halfmexican Mama said... room at your place? I might move in to get insurance lol! Thanks for being in my cheering section..I think it is all mind over matter on a scale of 1 to 10 being the hardest, I give it a 3. Im staying positive, Ive wanted to quit for years and im not taking going back as an answer!

Sandy said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and your thoughtful comment. I'm sorry you might also have to have surgery! You must be worried. I'm enjoying your blog...(how did you find me?)

1 plus twins said...

oh man i hate when my kids come home from garage sales with more junk. but like you i just suck it up for a few months till i can pitch it!! lol i hope you get that insurance soon but more than that i hope all is ok and that the nurse just doesn't know how to read those things or explain them. when exactly are you moving? man i hate moving, i swear when we moved here in april I said that is it i will never ever move again. they can burry me in the backyard when i die!! lol

Granny Annie said...

Your daughter has discovered life's greatest joy. Yard sales are the only places left on earth where pennies actually are acceptable for purchases.

The best to you on quitting smoking. I quit four years ago next month. I walked out of the hospital after my near fatal heart attack and haven't had another cigarette since the one that preceeded my hitting the dirt 11/6/03.

You are in my prayers.

Jamie Dawn said...

You say you said you quit your job (previous post), but I thinking you got canned. Either way, you & Flip Floppy can bitch about work - I mean former work.
Avon calling!!

I bet your daughter had a blast buying junk from the neighbor lady. The coin purse sounds like a great buy, and as you know, Girls DO Rule!!

I hope you get over your desire for cancer sticks (cigarettes).
Thems bad fer ye!
Keep fighting the urge the best you can.
I'm rootin' fer ye!

Cheeky said...

You know how I feel about insurance. Stay busy girl - proud of you for not lighting up!

Halfmexican Mama said...

Sandy..I think from Tee's blog.

1plus...we will be there our first night on Halloween or the next day!

Grannie..yes we are some garage sale hoes! I am still determined not to smoke! And I kind of like it! me I QUIT! Thanks for cheering me on the no smoking trails! you ever make any "No smoking" greeting cards?? just kidding..would be cute though!