Friday, July 27, 2007

Some recent crap

Raising Hell since 1989...that is me and my BFF Rockermom at the Def Leppard concert Tuesday night....we had a freaking blast!

Then I had a blast, in my pants in the hotel lobby....not shitting you, I had to pee sooo bad on the way back to the hotel, and our driver took the long route and refused to stop for me to relieve myself...dumb bitch. The driver happend to be my sister so I have the right to say that about her. Cause I love her more than anything and she knows it....I hate her driving though...she took the long route because "she dosent do express ways" ...pfft!

Til next time...Rock on peeps and try to stay dry...if anyone has any extra Depends or Poise pads feel free to ship them my way at:

Halfmexican Pissy Mama
123 Pisspants Avenue
Urinary Tract, MI 48477