Friday, April 20, 2007

Took those damn bottles and Cans Back!

BUT it paid off..I was able to get my brown strappy wedge heeled sandals (needed for husbands interview that I must Goto in Chicago next week) a new shirt to go with the new white pants from last year that I STILL havent hemmed yet, AND stuff to complete my Bulgarian shadowbox for the church which I will be happily presenting them with tomorrow! I hope they like it...Buster and Offspring 1 thinks its if they like it, it must be good! If I had a digital camera (here I go again) I would take a pic of it to share with you all...take care, Have a Great Weekend as I may not blog or even get online till we get to our hotel in Illinois on Monday!! Wish us luck!!

aka-Jill, Jillybear,the Jillmeister ;-)

Dreams, Chores and more...:-)

OMG I had an AWFUL dream last between the 2 hours of sleep I think I actually got...damn my muscles are still not used to this excercise crap...anyhoo, I dreamt me and Hoesby were gonna meet around the airport in Chicago for a visit, she would drive from MN and I leaving MI at the appropriate time should meet up with her sometime in the early afternoon. SUPOSSEDLY (dont know if i spelled that right,dont care u know what im trying to say) we made all the arrangements via email the previous day and it was all set. I got up that morning and went about my usual routine of bitching at the kids, going potty, brusing hair, making coffee etc...the day wore on and nothing was unusual until I got a call from Mr. Shaky around 5 or 6 that evening, he said "Jill, where are you" and I replied "Home, where are you" he wasnt amused but I could tell in his voice he was VERY pissed off. He said "Hoesby went all the way to Detroit and tried to go all the way to the homeland,she called me CRYING her butt off cause YOU didnt show up in Chicago!" I swear I had no Idea what he was talking about, he pretty much told me I was full of dogshit cause he was looking right at her emails from yesterday and I agreed to the little trip..just never showed up.

As I tried to check me Inbox and Outbox my dumb ISP kept giving me error messages and honestly for the life of me I dod not remember making plans...didnt matter all I could think about was my BFF Crackwhore Buddy crying her ass off and turning around in Detroit to head back to MN...she wouldnt answer my cell calls either...knowing that I just lost a BFF Hoe for life I think I actually cried in my sleep last night...then I woke up and was SO relieved to know it was a dream...I had to actually ponder it for a minute and was really tempted to get up and check my email..

Oh I love you my BFF Crackwhore...and I will never stand you up.

If I do, please dont shun me for life, or cut my boobies off..
were all human and all make mistakes. I think what the dumb dream actually simulated my subconcious trip to Chicago next week (in 3 days) and my want/need to see my Crackwhore Homegirl...the mind is a terrible thing to waste boys and girls and mine is wasting away by the millisecond,

WARNING : DONT DO DRUGS NEVER EVER EVER! not even the kind that come in the pretty shiny brown bottles...notice prescription drugs and beer and cocaine all tend to come in some type of brown bottle ( I dont do any drugs by the way im just very streetwise boys and girls, i'll drop for u right now to prove it)

On another note..we got the girls new bikes last night...which was fun, Buster is 6 ft. tall and took off down the street on a 7 year old girls bike purple streamers and all flapping in the wind behind him...I sooo cant wait to get a digital camera!! I am missing so many damn moments! It took me long enough to get this laptop so I figure if I play my cards right I can have one by the time im 40.

Things I must accomplish today:
Im really only typing this as also a reminder to myself. From here till Monday is busy busy BUSY!

1. Balance Checkbook

2. Gather all unwanted clothing and food items for Brother Hicks, who is a missionary to the homeless in Detroit, he is coming on Wednesday which i'll be gone still so I have to get this stuff to the chuch tomorrow when I go to help clean it.

3.Goto scrapbook store and get shit for my Bulgarian Shadowbox for the church which I must have finished by this Sunday. Tired of waiting for Aquaintence Friend Karen to help me.

4. Take all bottles and cans to WalFart that are beginning to take over my backroom. I should have enough there to treat myself to a new bra or them strappy brown wedge heeled sandals I was caught eyeballin last night. Hell I might even have enough left over for a haircut too. Im guessing there is 20 to 30.00 back there.

5. Hem my new white pants I bought last year. I still havent removed the tag off em or hemmed them yet but I need them for the trip...

6. Wash all bedding and any laundry. Sounds easy but I have to haul my shit to the laundr-o-mat, as there is no washer dryer hook up in our west side rental shack...

And that about sums it up!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Spring is coming cause Moose A. Moose said so!

Yup...I heard it for myself this morning, and I am not hung over today. I just took O#1 to school and came back (satellite got fixy by Mr. Unlce Brian last nite) I turned on Noggin which is me and O#2's morning ritual and a wonderful masculinely/yet womanly voice chorused the following:

"Rest assured you know its true, Spring is coming just for you..."

So there. NOW I know it will warm up soon cause Moose A. Moose dont lie, or talk shit...cause he's not in the Shit business he works for Noggin, and has a very affluent career therein....

Ahem...."Goodbye Sanjaya, Good riddance too, we no longer have to look at your freakin doo."

(Iwrote that myself) thinking a little about experimenting with some poetry writing these days. Let me know what you think.

Speaking of talents...Buster made his own funny last night as he was helping himself to dinner. He said "Hey, guess why you dont own a watch?" I could tell he was trying to make a joke so of course I said "Why, why Buster dont I own a watch?" and he replied (drumroll please) "Cause I put a clock on the stove for you." I had to give it to him..that was kinda funny..he's been listening and watching a lot of Rodney Carrington these days (dont even get me started on that) who is by far the biggest wife basher out there. Makes me wonder if he even has a wife cause if he were my husband there would be no way on Gods green earth I would let him get up there and talk about me that way...

Well Im gonna snooze now cause I was sleeping so good before I had to get up and take a certain 7 year old to school...O2 is snoozing on the couch with a blanket and a good episode of Pinky Dinky Doo.....

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I may have babbled about this shit b4

Soo went for that 2 or 3 mile walk last night with my personal trainer..who happens to be 7 years old and ridin a bike with a lisence plate with her name on it. But she kept me going by sayin things like "c'mon Mom pick up the pace..your slacking now..lets get rid of that flab momma" but you know what ? I LOVED it..thats what i need some good old fashoined motivation. So shes my work out buddy now....
Then I came home and my freakin satellite was out all day, i got the motha f**ka to work BUT u can only watch what is scheduled to record...i mean NO live tv what soever..I called dish network and they want 99 dollars to send a tech out..I told them politely "well im not on a fuckin contract and i can switch toDirect tv or at and t for FREE...then they said well we can reduce it to 29 dollars but thats as low as we can go...I pay 70.00 a month for SATTELITE service...they are making a frekin fortune off all our dumb asses...what does it cost to put a damn satelllite into orbit? a couple million? they make that in a month...IN PROFIT..I know I used to work for a cellphone provider for 8 years, after the initial investment thers almost nothing to pay for...enough about that. I could go on for hours.

American Idol last night was pretty good, im a fan of country music not a BIG fan but a fan...particularly of last nights mentor Martina McBride..Phil kicked ass with his Keith Urban song choice, but Jordin trying to sing Martina's Broken Wing about had me sharting in my seat! U cant no matter how hard u try duplicate Martina..she sang that song soooo WEAK..the song is about a wife putting up with an abusive husband and how she gets out of the relationship blahblahbla...soooo I say the girl is the hell can she sing THAT...I extremely believe that you have to sing from the heart like u know maybe experience the shit or sure at 17 she hasnt taken the stupid plunge yet...or yet alone been in an abusive relationship so what the fuck does she know what shes singin about???

I am trying not to have such a potty mouth last more, but I was a bad sinner and dipped into Grandpa Dans cough syrup last night a little too much and stayed up til about 5 am...something I SWORE I would not do again..but it was there..It wa smy bad least I didnt like streak through the house like SOMEONE I know, or flash anyone or piss on the floor in front of people...I was a contained drunk, I downloaded a bunch of music and talked half the night to Karen..she's an aquaintence of mine..see I dont have any real "friends" around here..I cant trust none of the motherfucking crackwhores in this town..there all a bunch of lying, two faced, fuck with your husband types...therfore I trust no woman..and I mean NONE..learned my lesson with all that...there are very few I can trust and theywill probably be the only ones that read this....

OMG im watching the recording of AI from last night and I didnt make it far enough to see Blake sing the song Blue which is another of my favs i LIKE him and this song..dammit and i only voted for Phil...Im so fucking stupid...Ive already swore like a sailor so I may as well make the most of if...I will repent tonight..believe you me!

Anywho..Im gonna call this shit a rap now...dont do anything I wouldnt do and if you do make sure you put chocolate syrup on it first...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I AM going to start an exercise regime!!

This year has een EXTREMELY hard for me for some reason when it comes to "eating right" and exsercise...Now just like 90 percent of the rest of the country my lame ass New years resolution is "to lose weight"...the past couple of years has been successful, but this year is HORRIBLE...I dont know why I dont "Just Do It"...I dont know why I grab that greasy ass bag of chips, I dont know why I lay my lazy ass on the couch when I should be up and doing SOMETHING!!! Well Ive decided that today is the start of my getting in shape plan..Why? I will list a few reasons for you...

1. My boobs are starting to point to the floor.

2. I get tired easily.

3. I want to fit into last years cute little summer clothes that I spent so much money on.

4. I want to be able to play outside and keep up with my kids, instead of walking a half a mile and wanting to take a nap.

5. My boobs are starting to point to the floor.

6. Self Confidence.

7. Health reasons.


So im jumping on the wagon today! And no one is going to stop me!!!