Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Goodbye...for a while

Well sadly to say things have not been working out with Buster and I...

My sister is on her way to get me and the girls and we will be moving to Waterford, I need to find a job asap as I do not have a vehicle..I will check my blog from time to time, and I will miss reading all of yours for a while...the only access I have to a computer is at her library until I get my own.

I love my husband and always will, he is a wonderful man and I wish him the best. I just feel that I bring out the bad side of him and he deserves someone who dosent, and hopefully in time, he will find that.

In the meantime, I am not looking. I am going to focus all of my time on working and taking care of my children.


Monday, October 22, 2007

The Homefront

Well I would like to offer up my biggest halfmexican apologies for abandoning this blog latetly.

I have been taking care of 2 houses, and preparing to move hopefully by next weekend...

I wont bore you all with the duties that this incurs as im sure you are all well familiar with the cleaning, painting, packing, moving, boxing-up-your-shit-rituals.....

That being said..


I would like to share photos of the place with you but I STILLL cannot find my damn download cord.....f***king aliens.

Im sure they're behind this.

Their behind every unexplainable occurence dont ya know???


Wee One keeps begging me to sing the "Shoot the Marble" song with her....

I have no stinking clue as to what the hell song THAT is.

If anyone knows please help me.

I downloaded a bunch of christian kids songs for her last week and let her listen to them on the laptop...she was going back to the "Gods Army" song for 2hours....she knows how to use the mouse and click....at 3 years old....!!


The skin below my left eye has been twitching for the last 2 days...WTH????

If anyone knows what causes this please do tell....

Its really starting to get annoying...

Well I gotta go warm up a leftover taco for breakfast then im off to put away laundry, move a load of boxes to the new place, renew my library books, call and make a car payment and call and renew a script...

Till next time, if you know what the hell the "Shoot the marbles" song is, please inform me OR if you can tell me why my left eye is breakdancing all the time, that would be helpful too...

HMM Out!