Thursday, April 5, 2007

Wal Fart Sucks!

Wal Fart Sucks!
Okay so i took the girls to Wal Mart today..they needed hair cuts, shoes tights and new dresses for Easter sunday....I probably should have went to the mall cause I spent over 100 dollars (The "haircuts" alone were 30) When the hell did they start charging 20 bucks to cut a 7 year olds hair....and "do I want it BLOW DRIED" DDDUUHHH! Its 26 degrees out...u want me to call Child Protective services on myself or are u gonna do it when I leave here? sheesh!! But all in all not too bad a day...snowed like a mutha here which is really sad cause Erins on Spring Break and shes really am i thinkin she would be out riding her bike every day...not happening instead she and the little nieghbor boy have been holed up in here playing getting used to him being a fixture around here these days...goofy lookin kid but nice enough..i think he is just bored and theres no other kids around here to play with...
Peace Out

Hygiene (from Myspace blog)

There should be a category called hygiene...I know its not important to some people, politics, animal and blogging and music are all REALLY IMPORTANT crap but hygiene isnt???
I have a few thoughts today on my newly discovered My Space subject category.
1. I NEED to get in the damn shower while my daughter naps. If I dont she will come into the bathroom while i'm in the shower and scare the hell out of me! Ill be showering along enjoying the hot water, steam and fruity frangrances all around me when lo and behold, the curtain slams wide open and a two foot naked person is standing there looking at me with puppy dog eyes saying "c'mon mumma, it will be fun to rain together". How can I say no to that....but damn I really wanted a peaceful private shower.
2. Pooping...i think this falls in the category of hygiene...if it dont then it should..I enjoy peace and quiet while performing this ritual..but do you think that happens round here? NOPE...while on the pot usually with a nice book or magazine EVERYONE in the house has to suddenly poop too...or brush their teeth, or pee, or needs a band aid or a q tip, or suddenly wants to retrieve that stupid toy that got dropped/thrown behind the toilet two days ago. OR someone might just wanna shave, or a kid brings me the phone cuz whoever it is just cant WAIT FOR ME TO GET OFF THE PISSER!!!
3. More people should brush their teeth more often. This I am very very serious about. I understand that the "older" generation may not have had the dental services that we take for granted because they were either way too expensive or their parents just didnt give a damn about their teeth. But when im sitting down wind from someone at church, or at a restaurant and I get a whiff like dead animal crawled in there and died it makes ME want to!!! Or you see a person who really loves to smile but has about 2 years worth of tartar build up and its just starting to turn pistachio green, makes ya just want to hand em a damn tooth brush.
Well there you have it ladies and gentleman, Jills 3 biggest Hygiene concerns...showering, use of the potty, and brushing yo grill...
until next time take care of yourselves, and each other
(as quoted by the man himself mr. jerry springer)
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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I think im getting OLD

okay...everyone ages. its a common thing people are born and only one thing is for sure. You will some day some time die. Im 31...I dont think that is very old yet I dont think that is too young either. Its at this point in my life where I begin to wonder whether or not I made the right choices about certain things...I think for the most part I did not. I never got a college degree, I never travelled or saw different cultures before I "settled down and got married" and then I had im a stay at home mom.

I dont regret any of my choices but yet it somehow saddens me to wonder whether or not they were the right choices..Im mainly writing this so im not holding it all in nobody (except for by one little buddy) reads this anyway...

I believe that God has a perfect plan for each and everyone of hischildren and this is his plan for me...had i done things differently i wouldnt have the beautiful children I have right this minute. I think He put them here to teach ME something...growing up in a single parent household and losing the only mother-figure you ever had when you were only 11 years old leaves a lot of discovery for a young girl.

Discovery on how learning how and what ladies are really supposed to do and be. In this area I think my self teaching has really failed me...but bitching about it now will get me nil...

So I try to stay positive and as happy as I can for my children...I really think finding a job will help me a lot, I wont have time to sit and think about stupid shit like this....maybe tomorrow i will have something more entertaining to talk about...maybe later today I dont know right now..

Monday, April 2, 2007

Everything's Still

It's really strange right now, in my life everything is just at a complete stand still...Except of course for the kids growth, menstruation, the toilet water well u get the picture...I still havent got a job yet, although I did get a letter in the mail Saturday stating that they are NOT gong to hire me for the Secretarial position at SCCMH, BUT my resume is very impressive so they are gonna retain in for 6 months just in case a job closr to my qualifications pops up...

At least Buster is back to work after a small layoff..but im really bummin cause I wanna go SHOPPING. Not grocery shopping or paper products shopping! I mean shoes, jeans, summer clothes, and jewelry. I have absolutely NO ankle bracelets for this summer come to think of it I dont have much jewelry left at all...

Still...everythings still...its always the still that brings on a storm, and after the last 2 years I am NOT ready foranother storm...some of u know what I mean...

I think I'll check into some internet based work from home self employed be your own boss business opportunities now...

Peeps Im outtie