Friday, September 21, 2007

Word to the wise.

Never post while under the influence...or you say really dumb shit.

Thats the truth.


Well I ran my ass of today, doctors appt for BP didnt go so good...they had to give me some med that started with a Q to get it to drop...

It was like 148 over 106...

Then it dropped down to 138 over 98 with the help of the meds...

Looks likey I will be on meds for this I told the doc I dont have insurance after Tuesday,
he said that he could seriously supply me with all the BP meds I need for life...

Im thinking samples.

Samples rock!!

Cant think of anything else for now so till next time take it easy, and dont be sleazy ;-)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

While on the mend.

Well Im happy to report that I had the packing removed today and there was hardly anything on it...

cauterization clearly went well....

Im a tad tired and a bit crampy today but NOTHING like yesterday...

While on the mend Buster made burgers on the grill for dinner, and His parents didnt bring the kids home til almost 9 last night....ahhhh!

Buster rented the DaVinci Code and Disturbia last night....

both very good flicks....


Had to put the girls in bed together last night because a pup who shall remain nameless.

Because hearing let alone spelling his name right now will piss be off and probably cause me to hemmorage...

Guess what he did???

Well a couple of days ago Our Friend Tom brought his pup over , who happens to be our pups sister from the same litter, AND partner in crime...


Im not kiddin.

They were alone and quiet for way to long so I peeked into the wee ones room and there they were!

Both caught red paw-ded....eating the stuffing out of the center of her mattress which happened to have a whole the size of a small grand canyon!!

There are bare springs sticking out of that baby now....

So we have to get her a new bed because im NOT purchasing another toddler mattress as she will need a twin within the next year anyway.....


We have made an arrangement to rent a house about 5 miles from here in the country.

3 bedrooms 2 baths and way bigger than what we have now...

From my previous experiences I will not get excited over this one until the papers are signed..

However the house needs at least 24 hours worth of cleaning (as bad as the last one) this guy already said he will pay for paint throughout the house and labor to clean....Amen.

Keep your fingers crossed.


I have an 11 appointment tomorrow to have my BP diagnosed, then 3 an ultrasound on my ovaries as I have been having some peculiar pain there....they are checking for cysts and such, my doc seems to think that it its just ovulation...

but im pretty sure I dont freaking ovulate every DAY!!

All this in a rush because my insurance is up the the 25th, and I pray God that my labs come back before then too!!!


In the mean time I am just trying to stay calm and live regularly and not let this mess of a house bother me too much...

I overworked myself after our first kid was born and ended up back in bed with terrible pains and you know what...

So till next time....enjoy an enchilada or 2 for me...Im going to try to eat more healthy and start excersising again, and hopefully stick with it...!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Surgical Happenings.

Well as you can see I made it home.

The surgery went quite well, Im just a little sore and tired.

A knock at the door woke me...I was Fed Ex with a letter for Buster.

I was greeted at the hospital by my Pastor. My stepmom drove me up there this morning.
She and Pastor stayed until I was out of recovery.

I got up this morning and did the first thing a girl does.....

I peed.

THEN I noticed the little plastic orange lidded cup sitting on my countertop in the bathroom!


HMM forgot her urine sample....

luckily Nurse Blonde Lady didnt seem too upset about it, as I was able to produce a small piddle enough for the pregnancy test that they required!!!

Guess What?

Im NOT pregnant.

Most of us know that Buster had his "fishie straw" taken care of after the birth of our second child.

THEN my BP was 161 over 116....

3 consecutive times!! A small cause for concern so they injected a sedative into the IV...

I think I got high....

Felt pretty damn good though.

Then they wheeled me off to OR, a while later, where my BP was still quite high.

So they injected a BP med into the IV, waited a few min then added the anestheitc concoction.

I remember one of the nurses dancing around the room to the sound of my heartbeat on the monitor. She was doing some type of Indian jig.

Seriously. I dont think she knows I was still concience.

Next thing I know im in the Recovery Room with a sore ass throat, and a growling tummy and some slight crampage.....

They injected some pain meds in the IV, and I was good to go home a half an hour later.

Buster brought me Chinese for lunch Bless his heart then he went back to work.

My Stepmom asked if she wanted me to stay but I told her I was fine and that Im just going to keep the couch company for the rest of the day, oh yeah and the TV.


Had a strange dream as before I was abruptly interrupted by the FED EX guy.

To make it short It had to do with a small airplane landing in a field where a friend of mine and I was picking flowers.

The plane was loaded with all sorts of sexy guys heading for some flight training somewhere. They offered us a ride and before I could answer

yep it was interupted by the knock at the door.

I think all the chemicals fed to me today had something to do with that dream.....

Or maybe its the pound of gauze in my hoo be the judge...

I get to venture up to Dr. B's office for removal of the junk in the am!!!

Hope all is well with everyone, just wanted to let you know im still alive!

Thanks to EVERYONE for all their Prayers, thoughts, concerns and wishes!!

I will try to visit your blogs when im not so tired!

Take Care!

HMM is gonna take advantage of the kids not being here and grab another nappy nap!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Surgery in the morning...

Well the day is tomorrow..

I have to have my Half Mexican ass up to McKenzie memorial at 7 am sharp!!!

My rear end sould be squeaky clean due to the self inflicted enema I will perform tonight.

I asked Buster if he would assist me in the task, He laughed and said NO...

He wouldnt think it was so funny if it was his rear....this is serious shit (no pun intended)...

Then my hoo hoo part shall encounter 2 baths of iodine one tonight, and one first thing in the morning.

I have no idea why I have to do all this myself...see when I gave birth they just threw it all in like a package deal....

makes a person wonder.

Now that youve read all the grody details I apologize and should have warned you in advance of my motives ;-)

Im hoping that this surgery works, as I have been having some peculiar pain.

AND I hope and PRAY that the labs come back as something that can be taken care of...before the 25th...thats when my insurance ends :-( Doc said they will put in a rush order on the labby labs....I hope he does....

I will try to post tomorrow to let you all know how it went...But warning!!!

Dont hold anything against me as I will be under the influence of intrvaneous anesthetic, and probably some other kind of oral drug....

And my hoo hoo will be packed with several rolls of gauze.


If your not familiar and really want to know what theyre going to LEEP

Enough of that now.


My 3 year old thinks she is a "chicken whisperer"...we took her to a friends last night that has horses and chickens and a duck.

Well she wanted the chickens to come out of the coop and into their fenced in little play yard.

So she sat

By the coop, calling them every sweet little word her 3 year old brain could muster!!

It was precious, and of course I didnt have my cam cam...



Okay ladies and gent....

Im going to go research my surgery now.

If you come up with or know of anything I should know about it, Please do tell....

Hasta Manana!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Near Death Experience

For those readers, which are most of you....

I have a tale...'

A tale of a little man named Buster whom almost died on our 11th anniversary...

See, I wasnt going to tell it until he was comfortable with it...

And after tellling several o friends, im assuming now he is.....

As the Big Guy reads this from time to time....

I forgot to tell that we almost lost Buster on our Anniversary night.

Not shitting you;;;;at all!

I was doing dishes at my Dad and stepmoms place after our Anniversary dinner....


and I heard

"whout whut whut whut goooooo!"

coming from beyond my dads back steps.

I looked out and Buster was all bent over in a half fetal position, smiling but coughing.

Too many Marlboros??

Too much gravy???


Buster was choking.

For real.

He took a hit of stepmommmas turkey (he swears its always dry) and was actually


I went out and began the only thing that HMM knew how to do...

I started windmill punching him in the back!!!

And yelled "dad dad busters choking please help for real"

Then good ole Jim came out Philly cigar and all dangling outta his mouth and said

"hicklick hicklick, hicklick manuever...havent done this in years so stand back!!"
with his little manstance and his houserobe on with the cigar ash 2miles long....he was gonna save Buster!

I kept swatting him in the back with allthe strenght I could muster. and by the time dad got there.

Buster was fine.

I saved his life by beating the piss out of him.

He knows it.

Dad knows it....

So now im wondering.....WTH did I do???

Do Ihave an obsession with dirty socks, Ice cream bowls and a snoring zombie at nite???

Your damn straigt I do, I love that man.

No matter how much poultry he chokes on, how many socks he leaves me or the turmoulous snoring...I took a vow with that man 11 years ago

Little did i know what i got myslelf into, but I did before God and everyone!!! HAllejulia!!!


On a different note

My friends female dog continues to hump my male puppy...

Is she lesbian?

Is she "bi"

Is she just a dumb freaking bitch (i mean that in the female dog way)


Manager was yelling at Asst Manager today

thought she was kidding

then i realized she werent..

BEEYOTCH! u better not yelll at HMM the same way cuz I wont take that shit from no one especially for a min wage job

the first timeshe does will be the last...i swear


went to visit Baby Devins grave Saturday

me myself a beer and his aunt my goo d friend , we cried

theres not even a headstone yet

i reassured her that honey is in Heaven being well taken care of, and so happy

it just hurts to stand over his earthly remains

my religion does not believe in that

his little soul has gone off to heaven

and it was out of respect that we stood there that day in his memory

Love you Devin, see you again another day sweetpea


tomorrow I have very exciting things to post about my surgery prep

dont want to get yall to excited

you gotta wait

it has to do with an enema and iodine wash...I know your jealous!!