Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I've realized that...

Most people pray when they WANT something, a miracle, a healing, safety etc.. I have begun to thank God for what I have. For instance I found out tonite that a friend at our church's daughter, whom just graduated from high school, has cervical cancer. A beautiful, smart, young girl with her whole life ahead of her. I have realized that we also as human beings need to pray more in thanks to the Lord for what we have as far as the health of ourselves, and our children. For our shelter, and clothing and food. And so much more. I may not be wealthy, or famous, or live in a mansion and own planes, limos and BMW's, but I do have the love of God in my life. And by his precious grace, mercy and forgiveness, I would not have what I do. I'm a thankful ho tonight...just wanted yall to know that.

I'm up right now at 1:42 cause I cant sleep. Ive been having that problem lately. So I will leave you all with the humble little thought above, and wish you all a great weekend!

We are taking the kids to Michigans Adventure this weekend. Leaving Saturday and coming back Sunday. The weather is supposed to be delicious so I hope we will have fun!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Same shit different day...I guess.

I haven't bee in the blogging mood these days as you can tell...not too much interesting to write home about...

The weather has been so damn unpredictable here it is hard to plan anything...For instance we wanted to camp this past weekend but did not since they were saying it was supposed to rain off and on all damn weekend...well it didnt. Saturday never even rained and it was sunny and high 80's ...pfft! Today holy shit...its a whole 48 degrees out right now. Oh well we did a little fishing Friday night off the Cash Rd. Bridge with a few friends. They (I didnt fish I watched) were catching ten to twelve in suckers....yuck, i mean have you ever seen the lips on those nasty ass creatures? they look like actual human lips and their all puffy and pink...gross!! My daughter caught a muskrat...another yuck...good thing daddy takes care of the putting on and taking off of whatever she catches.

Saturday the girls planted a pumpkin patch with my dad then we went home and did nothing and waited for the rain that never came. When wer COULD HAVE been camping. Sunday we went to church both morning and evening services, while daddy went fishing with a friend of his in the evening. We dont really like fish that well....its just that, well if your from around here you know there isnt all that much to do for recreation. Its the sport not the meat that we like.

Anyway at the evening service my 2 year old decided to take her bi-weekly shit....OMG we almost broke one of the toilets at work....I SHIT you not. It was about the size and shape of my fist and I had to flush three times and plunge twice...she goes back to the doctor on the 10th probably more testing...I dunno....